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Corporate Trust Services is established in 2002. It is an independent, privately held company offering trust services to the clients operating internationally. We offer advice on ruling practice, international company structuring, holdings, royalties, company management and financial support.


Our Amsterdam office is part of a worldwide network of professional trust offices, tax advisors, accountants and other financial service providers.  By keeping our company small we can offer reasonable prices and a high quality personal approach to each client. Assistance is tailored to individual needs.


Our clients are publicly and privately held companies, private equity and venture capital firms located in different parts of the world, but our power lies in long-term experience with Russia and countries belonging to the former Soviet Union. We consider this market not as a difficult but as a challenging one. Our network reaches to different areas of Russia and the former Soviet Union: our clients situated in far east Russia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine, mention a few. Good knowledge of the Russian financial market and domestic tax law in combination with knowledge of international tax law allows us to be very flexible and creative at solutions.

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